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Davina Diaries Fiction:Love At First Song Part 2Ep 1

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On: July 24, 2019

I needed to get the hell over him! I needed to move forward without looking back. Dave-T had done nothing but bring damage to my life, I was still suffering emotionally and psychologically from the things I’d experienced at his hands.
He’d lied to me, deceived me and made me feel unworthy of his love.
‘I can do this, I can get over him.’ I had to get a grip on my emotions.
I was already claustrophobic and aqua-phobic; I couldn’t be club-phobic or party-phobic because of my experiences with one man.
I took a deep breath and marched towards the entrance with confident strides, I would get into the music, I would drown myself in liquor. That was the only way to break his hold over me.
‘Um, have you seen my friend?’ I asked the bartender when I returned.
‘The one with the ugly dress?’ He asked.
‘Her dress is not ugly.’ I barked at him, he immediately apologized.
‘I’m sorry, she left with a guy.’ He answered.
I guessed she was lucky, I felt bad for what I’d said to Uneku.
‘Two glasses of Red Label.’ I drummed the slab with my hands.
‘Okay, coming.’ He nodded.
The slow music was gone now, neon lights splashed on the dance floor as the DJ hit the club with the latest songs. I tilted my neck closer, trying to see if Uneku was there with her man.
‘Here, miss.’ He dropped a glass.
‘Good.’ I grabbed the baby glass and poured the hot liquid down my throat immediately; it burned my belly and set me on fire.
‘You know what?’ I grabbed my purse and fetched some dollar notes.
‘I need five glasses.’
‘Okay…’ the bartender was confused, then shrugged and moved away.
I needed to clear my head; I needed to take a risk, to let all inhibitions down. I smiled as I watched people dance to an old song, D-banj’s “Oliver Twist.”
‘Here…’ the bartender returned with the glasses.
‘Thanks.’ I murmured, and then rubbed my palms together as I stared at the tray before me.
‘I can do this’ I closed my eyes, opened them at the blast of a new song, then took the first glass.
It ignited a fiery sensation in my guts, but that didn’t deter me, I moved to the second, to the third…
On the fifth, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, my mind was far off, she had wandered to a world of her own fantasies. My brain swirled, flashing different scenes, the laughter from the club was a noisy bell to my ears.
I was free! I was drunk.
‘Excuse me miss.’ The bartender moved towards me.
‘I was dead drunk.’ I whispered to him with a smiling face.
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I don’t know how long I’d slept and where I was, but I knew I was someplace safe. The bed was unnaturally soft and the pillows were very comfortable. My eyes fluttered to the bright line of the sun that found its way into the room.
A quick glance at the grey colored walls, the paintings of old and the chandelier made me realize I was not in my house.
I straightened on the bed, pushed the duvet off me, to my utmost horror, I found a man lying naked beside me.
‘Ah!’ I screamed and jumped out of bed.
What have I gotten myself into? I didn’t plan to fall into the arms of a total stranger! I was not a one night stander!
‘Good morning darling, how was your night?’ He climbed out of bed and got into his pajamas.
I recognized him immediately, ‘Wait, are you?’
‘The guy your friend was trying to flirt with, don’t be scared, we didn’t have sex. You should be thanking me, I saved you.’ He smiled.
‘Then why were you butt naked?’ I asked.
‘Look pretty lady, I fear vaginas, so you have nothing to fear. I sleep naked; my doctors said this is good for a healthy penis.’ He replied.
‘Oh.’ I swallowed.
I guess he was telling the truth because I was still wearing my clothes and my under wears were still intact plus, I didn’t feel any weird sensation down there, so I was safe.
‘Honey, I didn’t touch you, I would never violate a drunken woman.’ He walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders.
‘Thank you.’ I whispered.
‘Welcome, the name’s is Ola, what’s yours?’
‘Teni …’ I stuttered, I felt a sharp pain in my head, I searched my thoughts, trying to recall everything that had taken place, but I was blank. The only thing I remembered was my fight with Uneku.
‘Fuck.’ I moved to the bed.
‘Just relax, you need to clear your head, here’s your purse.’ Greg came back with my purse.
‘Thanks.’ I opened it and grabbed my phone at once.
Thirteen missed calls!
‘Geez, this is bad.’ I ran my fingers through my hair, the time was eleven, I was late for work! This would give Madam Jamila a good reason to fire me.
Seven missed calls were from Uneku, Five from UB and one from my boss, Madam Jamila Crisp.
I checked my messages and was surprised to find some from Madam Jamila.
Where are you Teni ? Get down here as soon as you get this message
‘Are you okay?’ Ola offered me a bottle of water.
‘Thanks, I’m fine, I have to go now.’ I stood up from the bed.
‘You can’t leave like that, you need to take a shower and eat something, you need to get the liquor completely out of your system.’ He said to me.
‘You don’t understand Ola, I have something important to do, I just have to leave.’ I said to him.
‘If you insist,’ He shrugged.
‘Thanks,’ I wore my sandals, grabbed my purse and hurried to the door, I was going home straight, where I would shower and prepare for work.
‘Teni !’
I turned and faced him, ‘Look, I don’t know what you’re going through, but you have to deal with. I’ve been in your situation a couple of times, and I can testify that alcohol doesn’t solve problems. Just let the pain in, time would always heal all wounds.’
His words made sense, “Just let the pain in, time would always heal all wounds.” I wanted to ask him a question, what if the pain was too big? What if the burden was too heavy?
Instead I smiled and showed my gratitude by offering him a hand.
‘Thanks for everything Ola.’
‘Welcome Teni …’
I took the elevator, landed on the last floor of the massive hotel before finding my way out.
I waved down a taxi and jumped in, something was going on in the office and I was missing out. What if the layoff had begun? Would I be the first to lose my job?
I thought of Uneku and the mean things I’d said to her, I felt ashamed of my actions, I knew she was still mad at me and I was going to make up.
I paid the taxi driver and rushed straight to the door, I knew Uneku was with my convertible and I didn’t mind, because I knew the car would be safe with her.
‘Finally!’ I released the breath I’d been holding as I stepped into my home, I needed a warm bath as soon as possible.


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